Responsible Party Solutions


When your doctor requires you to bring someone with you to your procedure or surgery, this is called a "Responsible Party."

Our Service

Do you live alone?  Are your family and friend just too busy to help?  Whether you live at home or in a assisted living or senior living facility, we can help.  We provide you with a "Responsible Party" to pick you up, take you to your appoinetment, stay at your appointment with you (when required) and then take you home after your procedure or surgery is complete.  We can also run you by the pharmacy to pickup any needed prescriptions.


My name is Johnny Webster.  I am the owner and developer of "Responsible Party Solutions."  I began this service because as a non-emergency medical transportation provider for over 5 years, I have come to realize and experience this much needed service among the thousands of patients I have transported in the past  I discovered that patients were having to reschedule their surgeries and procedures regularly and continued to become ill and depressed that they couldn't get the urgent medical attention they needed.

Let Us Help You!

Don't fall victim to circumstances.  We are in a time of busy, career minded people.  Although technology runs most of our lives, we still need other people to help us through the daily grind, including our medical appointments.  Transportation plays a HUGE role in helping people stay healthy but a new player is in town to make sure not just getting to your appointments keeps you healthy but actually being able to get additional medical attention you need through surgeries and other procedures.

It's Time You Had a "Responsible Party" at your disposal!

Call us and set up a time and date for your next surgery or procedure appointment so we can make sure you don't have to reschedule.  Give us th opportunity to help you stay healthy or get that added medical attention you require to put you back on the right track to a healthy lifestyle.  Don't let the busy lifestyle of your friends and family be a hurdle to your healthcare.


Yes, we are a part of the North Florida Shuttle Corp family.  Norh Florida Shuttle Corp (NFSC) has been providing premier non-emergency medical transportation in the Jacksonville Florida and surrounding areas for almost 5 years.  We are even equipped to handle wheel chair patients! Just look at our homepage, we have plenty of references.

Yes, we provide CPR & First Aid certified assistants if required although most doctors don't require this level of service.  Doctors normally only require a firend or family member to represent you at their office before, during or after your surgery or procedure.  So providing certified assistants goes above and beyond a typical doctors office requirement.

No, we are currently not covered by your insurance plan yet but we are working on it and soon hope to be reimbursed by your insurance company in the future when they understand how important this service is to their patients' health, safety and welfare.

Yes, we accept all credit cards for payment.  We are also quite affordable.

Our introductory rates are only $25 per hour

Plus a $20 pickup/return home fee

And $2 per mile

*i.e, a 4 hour appointment that is 5 miles away from your residence would only cost $140.00.  This is not a heavy cost by any means wen it comes to insuring your health, safety & welfare.

Keep in mind that these costs can be offset by using your family, friends & local social services to help pay for this service.

We performed this service for a client on 2-14-18 in which they had a 2 hour procedure, was only 3 miles from their residence and only costed their family $82.  Very inexpensive compared to not having the procedure completed and having to goto the emergency room later on.  This is in line with the current costs of transporting non-emergency patients to their appointments and back home!

*(Insurance companies or medical facilities interested in picking up the tab can contact us directly for our corporate rates)